Museo Almazara Histórica La Almedina

The mill is located in a farmhouse of the nineteenth century, where you can learn about the whole process of making olive oil; the different ways of storing the juice of the olives, from old clay warehouses through an iron deposit, to the stainless steel tanks that are currently used.

Located in a privileged Ecological enclave at the entrance of the Natural Park of Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas, La Almedina de Cazorla is a complex of historic buildings known as the Marquis de Foronda Palace, which became an independent municipality. The complex houses the palace house, a historic and a modern oil mill, where extra virgin oil is produced, the Torreón de Nubla.

The building is a good example of the attempts of the upper bourgeoisie to modernize the countryside, applying modern technologies and business criteria. The oil mill is also a good witness of the oil industries set up after the great olive grove of the late nineteenth century, which led to the transition from pre-industrial production systems to those developed after the industrial revolution. It was operating in this first phase until 1931. Between 1931 and 1936, the building remains closed since its owner went into exile at the same time as Alfonso XIII. During the civil war, it was an administrative building for Republican troops.

In 1970, relatives of the marquis sold the building and the new property re-used the mill with hydraulic press, until 1996, when one of the first continuous three-phase extraction systems that arrived in Spain was installed, branded Cornello. In 2002, the current owner, Félix Sánchez López de Vinuesa, bought the Almedina, and started a work to modernize the mill installations by installing a modern two-phase continuous system, with which he produced the extra virgin olive oil “torreón of Nubla ”, with DO Sierra de Cazorla.

On the other hand, a work of rehabilitation and enhancement of the old press ship is addressed, clean and musealize the old machinery -included the three-phase system- and incorporates a complete mill brought from Ajofrín (Toledo), both the stonework and the impressive beam press. The rehabilitated complex opens in November 2008, hosting the awards ceremony of the D.O. Sierra de Cazorla of that year.


The Almedina Historic Mill can be visited from Monday to Saturday and Sunday and Holidays by appointment.


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