Ángel & Saint Miguel Arcangel Hermitage

The popularly known hermitage of Angel de Cazorla, is one of the most emblematic monuments of the city to be on the road between the town and the foothills of the mountains following the banks of the Cazorla River.

This construction has been abandoned in recent years and has served other functions very different from those of worship. It has been recovered from oblivion by a group of neighbors in a generous and selfless way, presenting its current appearance.

Architecturally it presents a rectangular plant in three bodies, covered with vaults separated by semicircular arches. Half-barrel vault in the second body and elliptical in the third, while in the previous part (entrance) shows an impressive vault «baida» of a magnificent trace of stonework (although nowadays it is masked by a cement plaster) . This vault is supported by 4 thick circular pillars of good manufacturing and closed with «tuff» walls.

The architectural interest of this construction lies in the possible development of it. At first, it seems to be an open construction on the 4 large pillars and covered by the vault built by way of the traditional «humiliaderos», which served as a place of prayer for the walkers at the exit and entrance of the villa and that later, time later, it would become a hermitage under the invocation of the archangel, developing the later bodies of the same and including in the first section the small bell tower taking advantage of one of the pillars as support and closing this space for all its sides except for the one that hits to the road, only delimited by a wooden balustrade that even later was embedded in the final enclosure.

If we stick to certain architectural elements, this construction must have its origins during the 16th century, closely related to the construction of the nearby Iglesia Mayor de Santa María. Subsequently, the rest of the building should be from an advanced stage of the S.XVII and early S.XVIII centuries..

En el interior se alberga la imagen de San José con el niño y en un lateral San Miguel Arcángel. La Procesión de San José Obrero se celebrá cada 1 de Mayo y la de San Miguel Arcángel el 29 de Septiembre.

Podrán ver la localización de esta Ermita en el Callejero de Cazorla pulsando aquí.