Carmen Church

It was part of the whole of the College of the Society of Jesus, which later became a chapel of the old hospital. It begins its decline with the expulsion of the Jesuits and then with the confiscation. Its ruinous situation in the last third of this century, caused the restoration of its roof and the less fortunate to chop all its paraments. He is currently in the process of studying his total rehabilitation.

The constructive elements, are the traditional ones in Cazorla, the use of «live» limestone, for the lower parts more exposed to erosion, on them the traditional «toba» much lighter. The interior is treated with another traditional element, the solid Arab brick of Mudejar tradition, and then plastered with plaster. Its plant is rectangular and has a choir and two galleries, one superior and one at a low level. Its proportions are very beautiful and balanced. The cover is framed with columns of Corinthian order and with a shield of Bourbon origin. It stands out, finally, its tower, which without hesitation, by proportions and design, is the best bill of Cazorla.

It is a church of monastic foundation of the XVII although possibly retouched in the XVIII.

You can see the location of this Church in Callejero de Cazorla by pressing here.