Cortados del Chorro Route

One of the places most frequented by tourists and wildlife lovers is the Los Cortados del Chorro route.

The Chorro is an area of ​​the Sierra de Cazorla which is characterized by huge cliffs, famous for being chosen by the Vultures to form the vultures, being able to enjoy the flight and life of these birds, as well as the birds views that these heights offer.

We will depart from the Plaza de Santa María, in front of the ruins to turn to the right and take the road to the Hermitage of San Isicio. We will take a steep slope and by the indications of continuation of trails we will continue until we ascend to the Monastery of Montesión. We will continue ascending a track until we reach the jet zone. Once there, we will follow the entire gorge until we reach a bridge that we will take on the left, and we will go back down either by the forest track or by the paths to exit to Riogazas – San Sebastián Hermitage – Santa María Ruins.

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