Gilillo Route

Being one of the most famous routes in the area, both for its magnificent views, its paths that enter pine forests, the smell of pure nature, the Gilillo route has the peculiarity of accumulating a rise and a drop almost as the greatness of Cazorla (from 806 meters to 1748 meters).

The Gilillo Route has two possible variants, which both use the GR247 trail network:
The first one is to make a round trip route, along the same network of trails and take advantage of the magnificent panoramic views they offer both on the way up and down.
To make this variant, we will start from the Cerezuelo River Route, we will follow everything along the bridges and guide us through the sticks marked with GR247 indications of continuation of the trail, we will cross the source of “Nacelrío”, Riogazas and trails until crowning the Gilillo.

The other variant is to make a circular route, with more mileage but with more variety of views and landscapes, following the indications GR247 trails, starting from Plaza de Santa María – Cerezuelo River Route – San Sebastián Hermitage – Riogazas – Gilillo – Gilillo climb trails and once crowned the so-called «Collados del Gilillo», next to an old forest hut, take the path to the left to begin the descent to Cazorla through Puerto del Tejo – Prado Redondo and end at the Hermitage of the Virgen de la Cabeza .

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