Gypaetus Foundation

The Threatened Species Thematic Center (Gypaetus Foundation) located in the building of the Old Butchers, hung over a waterfall of the Cerezuelo River, in the same monumental Plaza de Santa María de Cazorla, opens to the public facilities for the dissemination of natural values ​​and nature’s own conservation.

It will enter the world of threatened species and their habitats. You can see and hear the Lynx, the Wolf, the Imperial Eagle, the Bonebreaker … And other fascinating creatures, unknown and in serious danger, such as the giant nodule, the bustard, the primrose, the Cazorla geranium.

Life-size replicas, screens, sounds …
Read, interact and know; You will learn to look for the treasures of the natural spaces of our Earth during your visit. And, from there, with our telescopes, you can see the nests of Vulture, Mountain Goats, Hawks and Eagles of the Rocky Farallones that give bottom to the town of Cazorla.

The Threatened Species Thematic Center, has a complete exposure on endangered species,
between them:

Quebrantahuesos: In the 80s there were hardly any Redoubt bones in Europe, and the Pyrenean population would be the only one that, thanks to the conservation measures developed, proved to be viable.

The last of the Andalusian bonebreakers disappeared from the Sierra de Cazorla at the end of 1986, the year in which these mountains were declared a Natural Park by the Junta de Andalucía. That same year work began on the reintroduction of the bonebreaker, always following the recommendations of the UICN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature): feasibility studies, social awareness, threat control.

Leonado Vulture (Bioindicador): The Leonado Vulture it is a species that does not appear to have conservation problems.

However, sufficient knowledge is not always available to anticipate future eventualities. The Leonado Vulture, as a carrion-carrier bird, can be a bioindicator species suitable for locating threats and in which to test the reintroduction systems of the quebrantahuesos.

Iberian lynx (Poblaciones): The Iberian lynx is the most threatened feline on the planet and is listed by IUCN «in critical danger of extinction.» Andalusia has the only viable populations in the world. The Doñana and Andújar-Cardeña cores are the last places where the Iberian lynx still finds well-preserved habitats and quality food. Currently, various conservation actions are being included in «The Conservation of the Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus) in Andalusia».

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