Local Gastronomy

The typical cuisine of the 26 municipalities that make up this Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas Natural Park is undoubtedly influenced by Andalusian cuisine as well as by its proximity to the Castellano-Manchega community. Therefore it has been traditionally of great sobriety. The mountain cuisine is defined by the climate itself, with an abundant and rich spice seasoning, by the products of the environment: hunting, river fishing, flours, legumes, fresh vegetables …, all seasoned with the touch of quality that it brings the excellent oil of our olive groves, authentic jewel on every table that boasts of culinary art.

We will cite some of the dishes loaded with tradition, knowledge and popular flavor, always prepared by the men and women of these mountains with the narrowness of an economy of self-subsistence but also with the best and most natural that they had and have in their hands, with the know-how of their parents and the parents of their parents … and above all, with the exquisiteness of the simple and well done.

With the flours that arrived from the mills of the countryside dishes were made that are typical of this land today and that you can taste in any of the restaurants, provided they are ordered in time, due to their slow and careful preparation.

«La Gachamiga», crumbs of flour, water, oil and a pinch of salt, accompanied by «torreznos», dried and fried peppers, sausage, blood sausage, and even, according to times, melon, cherries, grapes and other fruits.

The «Talarines» or «Andrajos», fine cakes of flour dough with water and salt, stewed with hare or rabbit meat, nízcalos or «guiscanos» as they are called here, and without missing the aromatic touch that gives the peppermint. Without a doubt, a model dish of the most traditional cuisine.

The «Ajoharina», simple dish of great culinary interest, based on flour, garlic, peppers, potatoes, ripe tomatoes, paprika, water and salt.

Very typical also of these mountain lands is the «Rin-ran», good entree at any table, spread on the traditional «serrano bread». The «Rin-ran» is a cold mashed potato and dried red peppers with olives and cod, flavored, according to customs of almost every house, with cumin and other spices.

Among the salads, the Pipirrana or gypsy salad, made with onion, pepper, tomato, garlic, cumin, extra virgin oil, vinegar and salt. It is prepared by cutting all the very small ingredients and the garlic and mashed cumin are added and all seasoned with the oil, vinegar and salt.

«Garlic-potatoes» is a dish based on potatoes cooked with garlic, pepper, tomato, onion, cumin and pepper, all very fried. A mashed potatoes are made to which the stir-fry is added and then we sauté everything together in the pan and serve hot or even cold.

The Pisto serrano, which is made with zucchini or squash, which is fried with tomatoes, green peppers and onions, served either hot or cold.

And if we talk about starters … how not to mention the tasty «wild asparagus», the «scrambled eggs» of garlic, tender beans, seasonal mushrooms…

The excellent sausages of pork, deer, fallow deer and wild boar, and the ham of the Natural Park cured and taken care of with great care to honor with its presence the best tables.

In meats, do not leave the opportunity to try the «Leg or Head of Lamb», roasted with dressings …; or the «bushmeat», of fallow deer, deer, wild boar …, in multiple and varied preparations: baked, in different sauces, in stew …; or the «Loin Tacos» in marinade. Meats in their seasoning and the best condiments.

Fishing is not just a sport, it is one of the most typical food bases of these mountains. The fish richness of the numerous high mountain rivers of this Natural Park, placed on the table … «Mountain trout», «Trout in almond sauce», White wine trout, Trout with truffle sauce…

And after this wide and succulent variety of dishes, desserts no less attractive to the eye and the palate. Fruits of the area, according to season: cherries of San Isicio, «melons written» of Peal, plums «monillas» and «claudias», pears of water and winter, figs of Burunchel …: the most select fruit of our gardens.

Already more elaborate, other desserts such as «Fig Bread», Figs must be dried and mixed with chopped nuts and almonds and a splash of anise. It is prepared by grinding the nuts, almonds and figs to which the anise is added, mixing everything very well, then giving it a roll shape and then cutting and sprinkling it with flour and sugar. The «Sweet porridge» made from toasted flour, milk, cinnamon, sugar, oil and matalahúva. Other succulent desserts such as «sweet rice», «enreos», «white delicacy», «meloja» … will delight the sweet tooth.

All well watered with a good «crow» or with wine from Sparteña, which although scarce, is the same as these saws.

To finish a glass of «risol» (hot brandy with spices), homemade mistela (brandy with sugar and cinnamon), pacharán serrano …, and preparing the digestion infusions of aromatic plants of the Sierra: stone tea, pennyroyal, chamomile…