San Isicio`s Hermitage

It is tradition that, there, at the dawn of Christianity, one of the seven Apostolic Men, Hesiguio or Isicio, brought to Cazorla the light of faith and established its episcopal seat there, so, from time immemorial, he is venerated as Patron and, on May 15 of each year, the town moves in procession to the «Pedriza», place where the Saint was stoned and has his hermitage.

The year of 1535, a terrible epidemic of plague decimated the population, causing a great number of deaths, both in people and animals. The situation was desperate: the Cazorleños went to their Patron, San Isicio, and the plague ceased. In memory of such portento, the two town councils, the civil and the ecclesiastical, made a perpetual vow to celebrate, every year, the feast of the Saint as a day of precept, with «double major first class» liturgy. San Isicio Group.

Since then, year after year, in fulfillment of this promise, on the afternoon of May 14, San Isicio is brought from his hermitage to the Parish; the gardeners of that payment hurry to decorate it with the best that it has: fragrant May roses, honeysuckle and rosemary, and, Above in the hand of the Saint, who blesses, the first cherries and a bunch of very strong spikes. When the pious courtship arrives in the village, the night is already under attack, then, a unique spectacle is offered in the eyes of the pilgrims:

THOUSANDS OF CAPARAZONES DE CARACOL, turned into lamps, San Isicio Banner artistically placed on facades and balconies, illuminate the exit of the procession. It is a secular custom, which does not stop surprising every year.

On the 15th the Council attends under maces, and the «fat» bell of the clock rings incessantly, until the Corporation enters the temple. In the early hours of the afternoon, the Saint is returned to his hermitage. The City Council presents the pilgrims with the typical «raven» and the young lovers offer their fiancées the traditional «cartridge», full of confectionery.
That afternoon a typical mountain dance is celebrated in which women dressed in traditional dress participate in the descent of the Saint in the «Old Square» and once finished the Saint is transferred to the Parish.

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